Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

Creating and raising a family is full of joy and happiness. However the process of carrying, delivering and breast feeding a child can cause some lasting changes to your body, which in many cases, despite exercise and a healthy weight can only be corrected surgically. Each person is individual and post-pregnancy changes to the body vary widely between women based on genetics, weight-gain, number of pregnancies, breastfeeding and lifestyle.

What areas does the Mommy-makeover focus on?

The most common areas of concern for women are the abdomen and breasts. A mommy-makeover procedure can treat all these problems in a single surgery.

Dr. Tregaskiss will work with you to identify the areas that are of most concern to you and make a plan for how best to treat this.


The abdomen can have loose baggy skin, separation and weakness of the stomach muscles, excess fat around the lower abdomen, hips and flanks, stretch marks and unsightly caesarean section scars. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) will be able to address muscle tightening, and remove excess skin and fat. Stretch marks on the lower abdomen can also be minimized with a tummy-tuck. For more details on tummy-tuck please see the FAQs section.

Breast Rejuvenation

The breasts can often seem deflated and lose their projection after having children. A breast lift (mastopexy) can be performed with or without breast augmentation (using implants) to improve the appearance of the breasts and make them feel full and uplifted. For some women with larger breasts that have lost their perkiness, a breast reduction can provide a more elevated and proportional contour. For more information of breast surgery please see the FAQs section.


Liposuction to the hips and flanks is often a very useful addition to a tummy-tuck procedure as it helps with contouring the body in areas that the tummy tuck can’t reach to achieve the optimal outcome for you. For more information on liposuction please see the FAQs section.

Other Additions

Other procedures such as scar revision to caesarean-section scars, arm-lift, thigh-lift or liposuction to other areas, such as arms, thighs, bra-line, back, or underneath the chin can also be incorporated if necessary and desired.


Recovery from a Mommy Makeover procedure is around 6-8 weeks. Within 3-4 weeks patients will likely be back to their usual activities of daily living. Patients will be able to exercise again around 6-8 weeks depending on their individual recovery progress. It will be necessary for a caregiver to be with you and any children in the house for the first week. You will also need to wear a post-surgery pressure garment for 6 weeks post-surgery to achieve the optimal cosmetic outcome.

Are you a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Ideally a good candidate will have finished growing her family, because any pregnancies after a Mommy Makeover surgery would change the lasting aesthetic results.

Additionally, being at your goal weight is preferable, because any fluctuations in weight (up or down) after this surgery would also change the lasting cosmetic result.

It is also optimal for women to have finished breastfeeding and for children to be slightly older to allow for the necessary recovery time post-surgery.