Ideal Implant

Ideal Implant

What is the IDEAL IMPLANT®?

Saline breast implants have remained the same for decades, consisting of a silicone shell that is filled with saline (salty water) after insertion. It is similar to a water balloon and often moves and feels like one as well. Static photos tend to look fine, but with movement and touch traditional saline filled implants are much more prone to wrinkling and rippling when compared to silicone gel filled devices.

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a revolutionary, new form of saline breast implant. It is characterised by a consistency and feel similar to silicone breast implants made possible due to its unique structure.

The patented IDEAL IMPLANT design creates a structured implant that includes internal shells and 2 separate chambers that hold the saline solution. The simple, but effective design enables the implant to hold its shape and move more like natural breast tissue.

The IDEAL IMPLANT’s innovative design includes 2 separate chambers that hold the saline and internal shells that enable the implant to retain its shape.

Who is a good candidate for the IDEAL IMPLANT®?

Women considering breast augmentation, broadly speaking have two basic options when selecting breast implants; saline or silicone-gel breast implants.  Presently silicone-gel implants remain the most popular implant choice, as women like the feel and movement of their augmented breasts compared to what is possible with traditionalsaline implants.  The IDEAL IMPLANT by contrast has a consistency very similar to cohesive silicone gel implants.  The IDEAL IMPLANT is therefore best suited to women who want the more natural feel offered by silicone, but who prefer the idea of saline implants.  Although the newest generation of cohesive gel silicone implants have been exhaustively tested and proven safe, some patients are still more comfortable with saline implants

Currently, the IDEAL IMPLANT is only available in a ‘higher profile’ or a more rounded shape that many women are seeking out. For those patients who require or desire a less prominent profile or contour, Dr. Tregaskiss is likely to recommend cohesive silicone-gel filled devices.

The benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT include:

  • No risk of “silent rupture” (see FAQ’s below)
  • Saline is safely absorbed by the body if the implant leaks
  • MRI scans are not necessary or recommended to detect rupture

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